Non-Linear History is a hidden feature that can be very useful for iterating!

Introducing Asset Handoff


Today we released something called Asset Handoff that bridges the gap between design and development. We’re excited to show it to you.

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Never lose work again!

If you don’t trust Auto-Save, of it it stops working like it did for me, set up Keyboard Maestro to also hit ⌘ S on other shortcuts you use regularly.

I have several common shortcuts doing this, here it is with the Return key for example:


I also have it saving every 3 minutes, just in case!

Change brush size quickly with this neat trick

On a Mac, select the Brush tool, hold ctrl + alt, then click and drag up and down to change hardness and left and right to change size.

You can also press [ and ] to change size, and shift + [ and ] to change hardness.

Linked Smart Objects are here!!!

Our lives have been forever changed!

Free vectors icons for download

With a sweet Photoshop plugin to search the library!


Awesome Photoshop plugin to make color correction easier and get amazing results!